pure citrus

As you can tell… I’m a drink maven. That being said, I loathe “plain” water. I can sip it and deal with it from a public fountain if the conditions warrant, but otherwise I stay the heck away from it. I can easily identify bottled waters by their distinct tastes, so I need SOMETHING to get me to stomach life’s operating fluid on a daily basis.

True Lemon solved the problem. I carry these little packets of crystalized lemon juice everywhere I go and keep a shaker bottle with me at work. For $3/30 packets, it’s a lot cheaper and better for you than VitaWater and you can use to transform even the ickiest waters around the globe.

They also make True Lime & True Orange … both of which are yummy in their own rights. Now if only I could add these to the water filter itself, now that our Pur filter has been laid to rest. Hmm….