HBO is currently in the middle of their summer documentary extravaganza… which translates into a brand new movie released each week. I’ve been able to catch all of them so far… but the best has been RESOLVED.

The movie exposes the high stakes world of high school debate, and the truly befuddling events that take place within it. It also features two charismatic students from Long Beach who try to flip the debate world on its head. We had no debate team at my high school, so this was my first look at the tragic demise of the sport (I’m still on a classic high from The Great Debaters), and was quite fun along the way.

[sidenote: One of my graduate professors from the School of Education is featured, and his dialogue contains subtitles, which made me feel much better about my lack of understanding in the course]

I’ve caught this movie a few times now… and I’m still trying hard to understand what the speed speakers are saying. The Micromachines man has nothing on these kids!