all about kim

Hi! I’m Kimberly Michelle!

I’m a semi-normal 40 year-old mother/wife/girl and I yearn for making everything extraordinary. I have one of those silly full-time work-out-of-the-house careers, which means I have very little time to take the perfect Pinterest photo of the meal I’m making tonight at 6pm before I actually devour it.

If I were a super-person, I’d want to be a combination of Kate Spade, John Wooden, Martha Stewart, Walt Disney and Wolfgang Puck. I’d have my own theme park with a wood-burning oven where everyone played basketball AND enjoyed craft time and I’d look like a modern day Jackie O every day of the week. But since I’m still waiting on that influx of capital,  I’ll settle for being Kim any day.

On this blog, I share the exploits of my immediate family: Mr. M (my amazing husband) and Miss L (also known as Baby M through year 1). [May Basseterre (our house rabbit), Memphis (our boston terrier) and Lincoln (the Bernese Mountain Dog) rest in peace.] I bleed blue and gold for my UCLA Bruins, and really only celebrate 3 seasons: football, basketball and “no football/basketball.”

I’m here because I like to share. And I love making new friends. Let me just say that I have too many interests to contain myself to only one love or topic. So while I may venture off topic, you will never see anything here that isn’t “me.” In fact, I can’t make anything up because Mr. M would catch me and comment on the lie in the same day! And while I can try hard to be like my grandmother (a real life Martha Stewart), I really am just a normal working girl trying hard to make life special and unique.

So, dear readers, I’ve shared a small story but if you’d like to know more, just ask and I promise to respond. And if you don’t ask, I’ll just share anyway, because I really like talking to you.

You can reach me my email at kim @ or on twitter at @kim_michelle.

A bit of KM History: I’ve been around the Internet since the dawn of the web (on my old Delphi connection). I hosted one of the first Teen Forums on a bay area ISP when I was 11 and my first webpage was one a UCLA basketball fan/stat page and since then it seems like I’ve always owned a small spot of real estate in cyberspace. In 2002, I jumped into the world of blogging (via LiveJournal) and kept my sanity in check as I wrestled with the post-college world and the duality of my home/work life. And while it was a just a personal blog, I made new friends and exposed my life to anyone who wanted to join in. In the fall of 2006, my bantering changed over to weddings, and that’s when I joined WeddingBee (Hi! I’m Mrs. Lemon) and started blogging to a much larger audience and the daily routine stuck with me. Concurrently, subject blogs really started emerge and I got hooked… design, crafts, real estate… little things that fed my interests all over the place. And I’m still here… writing and sharing what I can, when I can!