life is comfy again

I’m calling an end to all of my “tall guilt.” You know, the phenomenom that occurs when a taller person is forced to throw out their beloved shirts because, well, the laws of washing machine physics are against them and their clothing. These poor shirts barely fit to begin with, but you mistakingly believed you could hold on to them for an extended period of time. And now, you toss them in the “donate” pile and loathe your extended measurements.

My experiment with Old Navy’s new tall line was a rousing success. The dress shirts are not only longer than long, but nicely made! The polo shirt I ordered was comfortable AND well fitted?!?! And I can proudly wear just one yoga tank top now that this one has both spandex and mid-driff covering properties. (p.s. the yoga pants are delicious as well!) Thank you for altering your sizing system and getting a real fit model ON!

So while I continue my goal to only buy tall sizes this year… my closet may be replenished sooner than thought with these lovely prices. Thank you Todd Oldham… thank you.

PSA: Here’s a code for $10 off a $50 purchase of tall/petite clothes: B6B4VRWMWGLD (good thru 10/4)