seize the jars

IMG_1171 - Copy by you.

We got the ad in the mail on Tuesday: SEIZE THE DAY SALE: DROPPAR jars (any size) for $0.99 this Saturday at IKEA!  And since we only live about 3 miles from the nearest IKEA, we figured that we could make a quick stop by the store when they opened at 10am.

Little did we know that people would be queuing up for the store to open, that the parking lot would be full at 10:05am, and that we’d need to spend 25 minutes in line to get our household limit of 6 jars. We luckily walked in through the exit, right to the area where we figured they would be, while other people worked their way through the 2 floors of shortcuts to try and find where they’d hidden these magical things.

Needless to say, we got our 6 jars and left the insanity to finish the rest of our morning errands. Since we already have quite a few glass containers that we use for storage, I’ve only found a use for 2 of these new guys so far (soba noodles & basmati rice), but I’m sure I’ll resolve that issue shortly.
I can only imagine what the rush was on Sunday morning for the $9.99 stock pot!