via pow(d)er

Last week, I received two free samples of Starbuck’s new VIA instant coffee in the mail. I’ll admit I don’t drink their normal coffee unless it’s courtesy of some jug that someone has purchased, but I was highly intrigued by their promise to recreate brewed yumminess in an instant form. This morning, I tried out a cup.

8 oz of hot water, add powder, stir. Smell… add milk. Taste. Add sugar. Taste. Drink it all up.

In the end, I actually exclaimed”to Mr. M that it tasted and smelled like the real thing. He’s not a coffee drinker, so this meant nothing to him, but I was left impressed with the technology. Now the price ($9.95 for 12 servings on is a bit steep, but if you travel a bunch around magical places that have no Starbucks stores (where exactly would this be?) then it’s perfect for you!

Only lucky people in Seattle, NYC & London can purchase it in stores… but you can get as many orders as you’d like online for now. I think I’ll stick to my coffee pods for now, as the instant stuff is still too rich for my blood.