wedding "dress options"

This summer, I have to plan what I’ll wear to OTHER people’s weddings… which will be an interesting assortment of locales and settings.

My pal Meagan is getting married in New Mexico in August in a church/backyard garden affair, and I’ll be a member of her “house party.” That means I’ll need to keep cool in a fabric that breathes well but also looks great with the smoking tan I should have by then. In keeping with the colors of the affair, my dress options are limited to pink, cranberry or light green. Now pink just happens to the color of choice in my dress collection, but why not have an excuse to buy something new and pretty?

This dress happens to come in the BRIGHT BERRY color shown which got raving approval
from both Mr. Lemon and the future bride. Now I just have to wait for it to go on sale before I jump in and get it… oh bother!