the 2nd birthday in photos

The 2nd birthday started out by letting Miss choose her poison from the weekend donut box… of course she’d go after the one she’s not allowed to have on any other day!


After an indulgent breakfast of chocolate, berries and cereal, we headed off to the Zoo on the chilly morning with Grandma & Grandpa L.


There were lions smiling, giraffes preening and general silliness all around. Oh, and lots of skipping, hopping and jumping too.


We went across the street to ride some Funderland rides as well, as the whole park is now at Miss L’s disposal. She seemed eager to try out the little log flume ride, as well as the Octopus again, but we kept things safe and sane with a trip on the cars and the train.


Since Mr. M was out of town for work during the day, we held off on the official birthday festivities until late that night at 7:30pm.


Miss L’s only request for her birthday was a “pink cake.”

I took that to mean that a strawberry & whipped cream cake would suffice, as long as it was colored hot pink… and I think she was satisfied.

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Before we finished off the cake, Miss L got to open some presents. I bought a lot of extra gift bags at Target and stuffed them with the latest clothing purchases we had made and turned them into a fun game of “tons of presents to open!” It’ll be awhile before she gets that excited about opening clothes and shoes again!



But her grandparents and Daddy didn’t disapoint by gifting her some lovely new books and toys!


And, since I forget to take formal photos at most informal gatherings, we decided to play “pass the baby” to celebrate the occasion!





Happiest of birthdays Miss L!!!