happy food

Yesterday, there was a trail of green slime coming out from under my yellow car. So… knowing I was headed for trouble, the car went into the shop and I departed for work with my rental.

But… before I got too far… I needed comfort food. Thank you Sonic!

Thank you LemonBerry slush! Now I can go to work in peace…

Yet one simple phone call only an hour later saying, “we found a few things…” left me in quite a foul mood, and my slush was long gone.
By lunchtime… I didn’t know what to do to cheer up my bad mojo, so I left Sonic behind and turned to my ultimate comfort food: sushi.

It’s amazing how soy and raw fish makes a girl so “ok” with the world. It was worth the splurge by far… just to have something to be happy about during the day.

Now bad mojo… please move on to your next victim. I want to enjoy my day today!