coffee colored memories

This morning was a bad morning… hard to wake up, hard to move, hard to get dressed, etc. So I splurged on the ‘Buck this morning sans gift card and ordered a vanilla latte.

Sadly, I must not indulge in this flavor often, as my wandering mind went back to the days when this was my standard order.

That would be at the tender age of 12, when I was working the local community theater scene and found myself in a production of Babes in Toyland. We’d run over to the coffee stand after our first scenes were over… act all cool… and pay like $3 (back in 1992 that was pricey… wow!) for some insane caffeine fix.

So at least that made me smile… childhood and drama the way that Shakespeare intended, not the drama that we have to live through day in and day out. Ah the simple times!