life without Tivo

Some people said it couldn’t be done… and yet, we did. Nine long months without our little pop-up menu friend to save us from inane programs found throughout a strike-induced television world.

We watched too many episodes of “My Dad is Better than Your Dad!” and Mr. M fell in love with HGTV. We learned to love only the HD channels and it seemed that ANYTHING in high definition beat out that plain “normal” stuff. The only thing that saved was Comcast’s ON DEMAND system, where we could catch up with more ridiculous stuff at a whim, and we’d pretend like we had stored it there on our own little DVR.

I’m happy to announce that as of today, our TIVO drought is over! We’ve already got the satellite mount on the house, so we’re back to DirecTV… this time with HD TIVO! Oh the insanity!

I’m proud to know we survived, but seriously, I’m really excited to be able to REWIND TV again!