how the Internet can change your Halloween porch

If you’d like to impress the heck out of your neighbors on Halloween, without the need for long hours spent toiling over custom tombstones, you can simply turn to the Internet and find ways to knock their socks off!

Pumpkin carving patterns:

Jack (happy) pumpkin pattern - The Nightmare Before Christmas

Good Bite Moon Carving Pattern

Zombie Pumpkins
We’ve used their designs for quite a few years and have gotten great reviews!
$2 – 2 patterns, $5 – 25 patterns, etc.
Pumpkin Masters
The creators of the infamous “pumpkin carving kits” have some FREE templates to download online as well
Pumpkin Pile
FREE templates with all sorts of fun categories (i.e. sports, classic Jacks, etc.)
Pumpkin Carving Patterns and Free Pumpkin Carving Patterns and Stencils for your Halloween Jack O Lantern - Boo Who? Big Bang Theory Howard CO
Martha Stewart Pumpkin Patterns
Who else would sway you into creating a faux bois pumkin?!? There are 46 FREE patterns here for download
Pumpkin Lady
Creative patterns and lots of really cute ideas!
$1.49 each or cheaper with a package purchase
If you’re looking for some truly unique designs (and want to do some pumpkin shaving vs. cutting), then this might be your perfect source!
$3 = 5 pattern credits



All you need to pull off this amazing “haunt” is a front window to your house, a white bed sheet, painters tape, a projector, a laptop and some computer speakers.

Oh…. and this…

Hallowindow V - Get it!

Hallowindow! (the video)

Simply put, this is a cartoon-scary thrill show for your neighborhood and anyone that dares come to the door to ask for candy.

All you need to do is purchase and download the videos, then set your projector up to display (backwards) in your window and sneak your speakers out in a way that projects them to the neighborhood. Then then let the fun begin!

Our neighbors adored the spookiness each year we showed Hallowindow, and last year even asked where it was! There are plenty of variety packs (and new versions each year) to keep up the haunt year after year and make it unique each time!


Ok… time for me to stop procrastinating and get my lonely tombstone in the yard… and finish up those costumes too!

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