in honor of California Rodeo week…

… I’ll put out there that I’m a country music fan. You really had to be growing up, or else you’d be labeled as seriously “off” and no middle school kid wants to be labeled that way. My interest resurged in college due to the serious lack of “good” radio in Los Angeles outside of Ryan Seacrest’s Afternoon Drive.

Now that country music seems to be “hipper” than ever, everyone is jumping over, including my main man Hootie. Yes, Darius Rucker is singing about lost love and spilled coffee. He has a right to it as a Carolinian, and it makes me smile to hear his voice again.

Curious about what Hootie sounds like with more of a twang? Check it out:


  • liz

    I have always loved Hootie and the Blowfish, and am really liking Darius Rucker in the Country music front.

    Did you know that Ryan Seacrest is on Mix 106.5 in the bay area in the afternoons. I don’t know if you’ll get that up in Sac though.

  • mary

    My husband is a huge country music fan and, I will admit, has converted me. We’ve also seen Hootie live twice, so we’re really liking Darius’ new foray.