weekend update

Recapping the weekend:

  • We GOT our super awesome custom wood bed!!! (Thank you forever BigBro Mark!) — picture shortly!
  • Parental visitation and present delivery trip! — thank you thank you thank you!
  • Choice of at least one movie: Batman? Mamma Mia? Movies will have to wait for mid-week viewings
  • Food…glorious food!    Hello Bandera #3
  • Recycling trip to get rid of any/all cardboard in the house
  • House projects galore — Thank you Dad & Mr. M

How did yours end up???


  • skm

    Mmmm…Bandera!! We’re actually having dinner there Saturday night with one of my BM’s and her beau! If you see two guys & two gals with their own two bottles of wine seeming quite tipsy, one of the gals apparently biting her tongue to avoid boring the guys with all wedding all the time talk — say hello! :)

  • Mdaggs

    Go see Batman! It was awesome. If you read my blog, you will see how great my weekend was. Hope yours was just as great.

  • SKM/stefm

    so i think i did see you…maybe at bandera’s tonight, sitting in a booth on the left hand side of the restaurant? You, the hubby, and two of the parentals that you mention were in town? I totally thought it was you, but couldn’t bring myself to interrupt your dinner…I hope it’s not too weird that I’m telling you this — totally not a stalker…well, a blog stalker, but not a stalker stalker. Anyway, we were sitting two booths behind you, if that was you. :)