bad j. crew

If you’ve been searching, like me, for the elusive $59.99 Sophia dress in the sale section, then you’re happy to see this note up on or in your inbox. I’ve personally sent 5 notes of complaint… mainly because I really needed a green/cranberry dress for this weekend and all of the ones on “sale” were… well… most definitely not.

I see a coupon code on the horizon!


  • Heidi

    I’ve been searching for the Sophia dress as well. Hmmmm, maybe I should e-mail in a complaint so I can get a coupon code as well.

  • Kate

    Sooo…apparently what happened was that they oversold…a LOT of stuff. I found out today that the dress I bought was actually sold out when I bought it. BUMMER!

    Thank GAWD for their personal shoppers – they tracked one down for me and are now shipping it for free! Yay!

  • Jenna

    I’ve been having a nightmare of shipping issues with them for a month, and I didn’t get an apology email. Maybe because my emails to customer service have gotten less polite as I’ve waited over a week for a response and finally learned after being on hold for 37 minutes that an item I’d ordered was sold out when I ordered it? BAD J. Crew, bad.