what’s orange,white+modern all over?

Last week I had a meeting at noon in San Francisco, so I purposefully walked quickly back toward the BART station as to allow me time to stop here… the new CB2 store!

I was intent on fulfilling a mission directive from Mr. M, but had to stop and oogle at the sensory overload provided as the catalog came to life.

I mean, everyone needs a big striped chair like this, right?

How I would love to have a wall of glass vases like this!

Or perhaps a cocktail party overflowing with goodies, but so neatly set.

And believe me, I was quite tempted to buy a few of of these lovely mugs to save my plastic-spoon usage at work!

But this is what I really came for:

And I lugged two boxes of 3 strips (2×3=6 heavy strips) back on BART, then on Amtrak… and finally home.

Mr. M was happy.


  • Unagi

    They’re made of brass, I think. I saw them in the store in SF the other day. The clerk said that in each set one is blue, one dark brown, and one a bit brighter and shinier. I think I’m going to get some. :)

  • Cynthia

    Are those for your living room? They’d look great in that room with the artwork on your orange accent wall. And I love the wall of glass vases, it might be just the thing for the big empty wall I’m looking at right now…