So I’ll just start by saying that I was going for the nostalgia and the girly fun. Because NKOTB probably meant more to me that it should have back between the ages of 8-13. I still remember my mom letting me buy my framed Joey poster, waiting so patiently for the Pay-Per-View special to air on TV and the comic book I brought to school after she took me to the “Step by Step” concert. My mom got to see the Beatles in concert during true Beatlemania… so she thought it was only fair to indulge me in the next wave of boy-band insanity.

And I thought it would be fun to sing along to my old tape songs. And bounce around with Cathy and be totally silly. And then, I was astounded. Seriously. Their new album songs… awesome. Their old songs… they sounded better? Their abs and complete hotness… better too?. Their smiles and concert “glow” made you want to be a 20’s has-been only to rebound in your 30’s and do it THAT much better. They were solid during their 14th concert of the tour, and I’m buying the tour DVD to watch on a bad day.

I think I’ve fallen back into my youth and it feels pretty darn happy thanks to Joey, Jon, Jordan, Donnie & Danny.

Silly me left my camera in the car. Poor Cathy lost her camera sometime between the encore and the journey to our cars, so there is no evidence that we were in our seats crying and screaming with love. But Michelle has lots of photos to blog, so I’ll send you to see the recap there. And since this isn’t 1991, I can already relive history on youtube with some videos of my all-time favorite NKOTB song: Tonight.

So to answer the questions, yes it was completely and totally worth it. Thank you boys.