new food week: day 1

Chicken Roll-Ups with Goat Cheese and Arugula
[dinner tonight]

Last night, I went to the market with a hearty grocery list full of dinner ingredients and returned home with enough food for the week. And so begins our little challenge — to eat dinner at home Monday-Thursday this week. Perhaps this is routine for you, but for the M household… it’s far from normal. We’re a pick-up, eat-out, “omg let’s get ikea meatballs!” kind of twosome. So let’s see if we can live up to the challenge!

Last night, I quickly whipped up these chicken roll-ups, which were amazingly simple and got a big thumbs up from Mr. M. That was, of course, after he suspended his disbelief that I had created these on my own. I gave myself a small pat on the back, and even had time to prepare the ingredients for tonight’s crock pot meal.

One night down… three to go!