how the boxes got made!

So I said I wanted to make some boxes, and on Saturday night/Sunday morning, I got to it!

IMG_0775 by you.

I assembled my tools on the movie/football watching craft table downstairs (aka. the breakfast nook): holiday scrapbook paper, paper cutter, ruler and bone folder.

I pre-cut all of my paper… 1/2″ off of two sides of the top design paper, 1″ from the bottom sheets.

IMG_0777 by you.

Then I got to folding! I opted to proceed with an assembly-line style… completing the first folds and piling them up. This helped things go much quicker… and made the “box” step lots of fun…. rather than the end to a tedious task.

IMG_0779 by you.

It only took about an hour to finish up all of the boxes — 20 in total! Afterward, I added the band and the bows to a few boxes, and stopped when I ran out of staples.

I also bought some small candy wrappers at Target and 4 of them fit perfectly in each little box. Now I just have to figure out what delicious little truffles/candies to make to put in there!!!  I know the infamous OREO truffles are one easy choice, but some of these recipes look pretty good too!


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