skin brightener for all seasons

Olay Definity Color Recapture Anti-Aging UV Moisturizer + Sheer Illuminating Coverage - Fair/Light

Unless we’re heading out on the town, or photos are going to be taken, I’m a “moisturizer & concealer” girl 24/7. My lovely combination skin doesn’t take kindly to foundations, so when I do need to apply it, it takes awhile to blend and contour, and I really don’t need that every day.

But lately my skin has lost a bit of luster, and I went looking for something that would brighten it up a bit and blend away a bit of the winter redness. And I found this: Olay Definity Color Recapture Anit-Aging UV Moisturizer. (omg that was a ridiculously long name!) I’ll admit I was captivated by that suspended swirling of “stuff” in the bottle, so I looked up reviews and found raves of it around the ‘net. So I thought, heck, why not!

While I was a bit scared about the price ($25-30), but it turns out that I chanced this trial at the perfect time. Olay is offering a $20 rebate (w/$50 purchase) on products through December 6th! You can also take advantage of buying products at CVS, where you can save an additional $25 off of a $50 purchase… or you can buy products on sale this week at Target and receive a $5 gift card (w/purchase of a $20+ Olay item).

So… two seperate purchases of the product at Target ($23.89 x 2 = $47.78), and one refill of my normal moisturizer ($7.48) = $25.36! It makes the whole trial/error test with makeup much easier to tolerate!

And as for the product… I’m loving it so far today :) My skin feels silky and refreshed and I’m thinking I look pretty good too.