a christmas cap?

Last year, Mr. M and I set a Christmas gifting limit of $100 for each other. We hadn’t done so before, but since we we’re both traditionally big gifters and were saving every last penny for our house down payment, we thought it would be a good way to quell our urges.

This year, we hadn’t approached the topic yet, but on Saturday, Mr. M initiated the idea again and I followed along. It means dreams of snowboards and blue-ray players jump out the window, but it also makes you be a bit more creative with your budget as well. We kept the $100 limit, but I asked that an additional $25 “stocking” fund be appropriated as well.

So time to narrow the list down, and find a way to be picky and creative at the same time while making Mr. M’s heart leap with joy! :)

Have you set any holiday limits this year?


  • erin

    We set a limit the year before last (stocking’s only!), last year went crazy, so this year we set a limit again-$40! We’re going on a snowboard trip with friends for New-Years, so that’s really our gift to each other. I think it’s actually kinda nice to have limit (though no Coach purse fo rme!)

  • Mdaggs

    We are just doing stockings for each other this year since our big gift to each other is our trip to Phantom the weekend before Christmas.

    I had to ask his mom to hand over stocking duties to me seeing as my mom filled my last stocking last year. He doesn’t want a monetary limit but I can see him getting out of control. Perhaps we will take $75-$100 cash out of the bank and when that is gone, the stocking is done. I plan to have a good time since i love stocking stuffers so I can’t wait to shop for him.

  • mary

    We have the exact same limits. We HAD to set them because a few years ago, not only did my husband wheel in a brand new bike for me on Christmas morning, but countless other things. It gets out of control quite easily!

  • Cathleya

    We gifted eachother a new TV, which we figured we’d buy anyway at some point. $100 is a great limit but is it horrible of me to say it’s so much easier to have a higher cap? I usually like to give one significant tech gift, so caps are hard. I mean, if we did a cap I’d have to think super duper hard. Like… Clothes? But clothes aren’t a “good gift” for men. Mark and I don’t shop a lot during the year so it’s fun to use Christmas as an excuse to buy stuff… not this year, of course, but usually :)

  • Kate

    We set a $300 limit for each other (this includes stocking funds). I’ve still been trying to make the most of the money where I can. I’m not complaining, I know that $300 isn’t quite as difficult as $100, but I love to make a challenge out of it and see how much great stuff I can get for $300.

    So for I’ve bought about $637 worth of stuff for only $228. Woo!