last minute gifts: the unique

If you’re still looking for one good gift to share with someone this year, you may want to look towards the “unique” side of things and reach out to find gifts that are rare in some way or another. It always adds a little extra value to know that you’ve been gifted with something that not many others have as well.
For anyone who jumped with joy in November, this necklace ($80, from alt jewelry & metals) would be perfect! There were only 240 pendents made, and two of them are owned by the Obama girls and worn on election night.

Or perhaps you might want to get something “basic” that comes in a LE set… like MAC’s holiday collections? These sets are usually sold out by now, but this year they can be had at 25% off (with free shipping as well!).

If you’re looking for something unique, art is always a great way to go as well! You could purchase a limited edition photograph or opt for an open edition (like this one from my favorite wildlife photographer, Frans Lanting).

pacmanart by you.

Buying non-traditional art is great as well, and the Internet has tons of galleries who post their inventory from shows online. This great set of gicleee prints ($65) would be great for a video game lover… and might be more fun than the games themselves!

The Tales of Beedle the Bard, Collector's Edition (Offered Exclusively by Amazon)
Then there’s the coveted new Harry Potter story… in a limited version, that will probably appear more times on the black market (eBay) than under the Christmas tree.

La Tete Lucky Whisky Flask Limited Edition of 1000Alessi Sun Dream Sandro Corkscrew, Lmt. Ed.

Or your gift could be quite normal, but it just happens to have a number assigned to it!

If you’re feeling a bit generous with your charitable contributions, you can donate $5000 to Feeding America and grab yourself a lifetime membership to NetFlix along with a 1/25 edition of celebrity art.

And finally, for the gift that keeps on giving and giving (as long as you remember to charge your battery), a LE color of the Nintendo DS!  (I’m still incredibly jealous of anyone that owns the Pickachu-yellow DS… mine is plain ‘ol white)

Of course, the most limited edition gift…. is anything that you make yourself! I mean, I know my craft room isn’t any sort of well-built factory!