#WEverb12 3: stay

I’ve tried really hard to recognize and change my technology habits this year… especially the phone in my hand. I’ve become more aware of how absolutely isolating it is when I pick it up… and how dangerous that is to living life in the moment and with the people around me. And while I’ve been better, I’m still not good enough. I’ve watched people sit at a meal for an hour and share perhaps 4-6 sentences with each other while they play on their phones. I’ve seen parents completely ignore their children, and then those kids get in trouble because they messed up mommy/daddy’s screen time just because they wanted to interact with them. I don’t want to be one of those people that I’m so sad for…

Which means that in 2013, my phone is going to live in it’s own little basket at home each day. And when I’m out and about, it’s not in my hand unless it NEEDS to be there. I’ll take more photos and videos with my big camera at home… and talk more and play more with everyone in the house. I want 2013 to be totally in the moment, and my hunger for silly things can sit on the backburner until I have some “me time” when it really is just me.


  • Ayesha

    This is definitely something to think about! I try to not use my phone for the first and last hours of my day. I would love to let go of it even more when I’m at home!

  • Kate

    I often get in trouble because as soon as I get home I drop off the phone and don’t have it around all night. I get angry calls from my husband and brother for not answering texts!

  • TwoWishes Tara

    What a wonderful idea! I got my first smart phone ~2 years ago and my first iPhone this summer, and each step has just tied me to the phone more and more. Have been wanting to step away a little, and that’s a brilliant inspiration.