middle school cravings

photo.jpg by you.
On Sunday, after we went to the zoo, we stopped by the local Japanese market for a bit of fun shopping. While we could have stocked up on sushi wrappers, sauces, sushi-grade fish, noodles and such, we grabbed silly snacks instead. I couldn’t bare to leave without some Super Lemons (my mouth is salivating right now just looking at the photo of them!) and Pocky (plain, normal flavor)… and Mr. M needed his crunchies & gummies.

I got hooked on the fun Asian-food-store snacks in middle school, when it was hip to eat dried seaweed on the playground. While our demand for some candies was met by the independent stores in town hip to our wants, having the cool snack at school was a pretty big deal. In fact, kids would stock up on supplies on visits to the larger markets in San Jose and resell them on the “playground market” for profits. My what a college fund they must have accumulated!

Any other favorite asian market treats I should expand my horizons and try?


  • violarulz

    my favorite asian store snacks are anything with sweet red bean paste, espectially the little tiny cakes that you can find in the refigerated snacks section. Oh, or mochi ice cream balls! Ice cream wrapped in a marshmallow-like rice flower exterior, amazing.

  • talda

    i’ve always loved shrimp chips, rice cakes [my faves are at the korean store: the long white logs and the ones covered in a brown powder…i think it was mashed soy beans?], dried squid or something like that. i can’t remember but they come in a yellow bag and they’re kind of salty. mmm. oh! and red bean paste buns! and there were also these ice cream sandwiches that were shaped like fish with a layer of vanilla ice cream and a thin layer of red bean paste on top. yum.

    and drinking sac-sacs. basically orange juice with the pulp in teeny tiny cans. great, there’s no way i can eat all these things right now.