the unconventional sick girl

photo.jpg by you.

hi there. I’m sick this week. This time around, I’ve got the sneezy, eye-watery, fun sinus illness that seems to be going around. Or I’ve developed some sort of sick allergies since we moved down by the river and I’m in deep trouble. Either way, I’ve been spending lots of time here, on the couch, with my trusty roll of tissue. Mr. M stares at me strangely when I walk around the house with my tp… but it’s a strange quirk I picked up in high school. For some strange reason, our school refused to invest in any sort of boxed tissues around campus. And since it was a boarding school, and boarding students only ever visited the icky infirmary if they were truly deathly ill, there was always someone running around with a runny nose. And so… if you were one of the lucky sick people of the day, you grabbed a roll and carried it around to all of your classes that day.

It’s strange, but then again, so was most of my high school experience. But I can say that super quilted paper in any sort is the best treat for a nose that just won’t stop running, and i don’t really care too much about what form it comes in.

Ok… back to trying to sleep on the couch… man I’m not a fan of colds…