more than a splash of color in the garden

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I think I’m just going to turn this whole week into “garden week” — why not, since it seems to be the underlying theme to my activities around the house. Everyone else seems to be in the same spring mood as I am, as the nurseries are packed with customers and the hardware stores are running low on everything that’s on sale. I never experienced this spring fever in all my years in LA, since no one I knew had any dirt to their name, so this is lots of fun to see.

I recently spied these wonderfully colored resin pots by Southern Patio at Home Depot… all of the glory of a bright color without the cost of the ceramic glaze! They were only $12.98 (13″), $19.98 (15″) and $24.98 (18″) for all of those vibrant colors… I’m really still drooling over the raspberry and puples…