a relaxing afternoon in Napa…

My wonderful pal Michelle came up for a short visit yesterday on her whirlwind visiting tour of California… as she’s been up and down the state and back again over the past week trying to see as many people as she can on her break from b-school in NYC. The plan was to hop over to Napa for a nice lounging afternoon, but I almost ruined it all with my forgetfulness, as I left my keys in Mr. M’s car… which was 60 miles away from home. But determined to not let things go awry, Michelle volunteered to drive back and forth to the valley and all turned out well as it actually helped her miss the evening commute back into the bay area.

We started off the day with a picnic lunch at William Hill Estates, enjoying a full glass of wine, peace and quiet (as perhaps only a couple of other people were there) and the view of the valley below. Then we made our way up the highway and stopped into V. Sattui and Louis Martini on the way up to St. Helena, before heading back home. In all, we spent a total of $20 on tastings for the 2 of us at the wineries, thanks in part to the 2-for-1 coupons we received from Visitor’s Center (always stop here first to see what they have to offer) and the generosity of some of the pourers, which is a great deal for pricey Napa. And I got 8 hours of ‘Shell time… which was extremely priceless.