ever needed to mail a letter… but without the envelope?

As a kid I was a sucker for the “envelope-less” letter kits at Sanrio. You know, just write your letter and fold it up… and seal it with a sticker? Well, I’ve found a modern day FREE solution — the LetterFu!

Wonder how it works??

Print a letterfu design onto a sheet of paper

Write your letter on the reverse

Address the letter

Fold using the instructions on the letterfu design

Stamp it and drop it in the nearest letterbox

I’ve taken the liberty to design my own version of the template for your use above, but if you’d like to get creative on your own, you can visit the site for your own customizable templates as well. And go ahead…  send a letterfu!


  • StefanieK

    I remember I used to scour magazine pages and fold them into all sorts of shapes to get a certain picture to show up as the front or back of a hand-made “envelope” and then add a plain white label to the front. In particular, I remember 90210 and NKOTB magazine pics were my faves ;)