tales of the elusive bunny

If you’ve seen this bunny…. please call 310-555-1212!

It seems that we have ourselves a very social bunny…  or at least one that likes to escape his way to wherever we happen to be…

The first chance at escape happened sometime in the wee hours of Thursday morning, as my pal Michelle and I were up late chatting the night away. As we were downstairs, I suddenly see her hand raise and point to the top of our landing, as the words, “he got out?” came from her lips. Sure enough, it was Basseterre, sitting at the top of the stairs and looking down on us like everything was completely normal. We hopped upstairs to wrangle him back to his cage, and sure enough he went back in with no problem at all. When we tried to find the escape route, there was nothing obviously out of place, so the only logical conclusion was that he climbed & jumped out of his excercise pen somehow… and that the only solution was a taller pen.

Then Thursday rolled around, and once again we were in a room that didn’t contain “the Boss.” As we were both sitting in the office, I suddenly heard a large commotion from the cage area, and left the room to see what had happened. It was only then that I saw Basse hopping his way down the landing and toward the bedroom with Memphis close behind. He went under our bed, right onto Memphis’ pillow, and then hopped back out to the loft. Once again, we were able to corner him back into his cage, but this time we saw the escape path clearly: a bent piece of wire that he had pried open on his pen and the tiny hole that he squeezed through to get out.

Needless to say, Basse has been banned to his bunny condo for the time-being, until we can figure out how to let him play in the x-pen outside or we bunny-proof the upstairs living area. But I must say that life with a crafty bunny is kind of fun, and you can’t really help but giggle at a little hopping bunny freely roaming your house.