bark bark

Don’t mind my absence today… I’m trying to build some muscle and landscape at the same time by moving this freshly dumped pile of bark into the backyard. In the meantime… how many wheelbarrow loads of bark do you think we have here??? (It’s a small wheelbarrow…. nothing huge)

Go ahead and guess and see if you’re right… I’ll let you know the ultimate total when I finish (hopefully within the next two days)!!!

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  • Jenny Louwheeze

    Whoa, deja vu… we hauled load after load of dirt and compost from our driveway (no wheelbarrow, we used our yard waste trash can, I’m surprised the thing held up through it all)… it’s amazing how much dirt and chicken poop you need to fill a 4 by 6 raised box… hope you’re not too sore today, shoveling is hard work!