state pride

I’ve always loved Maya Brenner’s state jewelry collection, but this is coming from the girl who used to sport a “310” necklace back in the 2004 as well. I especially love the “bi-coastal” one, as I know way too many people who would love sporting their split identities.

But… I really feel bad for those people in “square” states.

OK… quiz time… which three square states are these? And would you pay $230 (or $126 today on HauteLook) for these pendants? Probably not.


  • Katie R

    CO, KS, WY…. I am a CO girl… love the necklaces, but you are correct… the squares are just a little to unrecognizable out of context.

  • shannon

    Since I got caught stalking I figured I may as well leave a comment! I used to work with your mom a couple of years ago at Sequoia. While I was planning my wedding she showed me the glory that is Weddingbee, and from there I got sucked into the blogosphere! Anyway, I love checking your site to see what crafty/pretty thing you are up to :)

  • CaitStClair

    As square state “expert” (native Coloradan currently living in Wyoming) I actually still really like them! Just think of how cute the Wyoming bucking horse would look paired with it, like the apple over California!
    I can see how the context could be lost for some people, but if you’re from the area I think you’d get it. Even if you didn’t I’ve seen plently of jewelry that made less sense to me.
    That all being said, there’s still no way I’d buy one for $230!