affordable wall art

Cow Hill

I love strolling through art galleries and art shows… but I sometimes gulp at the prices that they charge for small pieces of art on the walls. Sure you can get affordable pictures at or IKEA, but it’s also quite common and not so unique. Etsy is a great stop as well, but finding anything on there is getting to be a difficult task.

That’s why I totally love — LE art (LE editions offered for 7 days or sellout) at ridiculously reasonable prices. You can subscribe to their RSS feed to see what they have to offer daily… and maybe you’ll stumble upon something that will make you fall in love.


But once it’s gone… it’s gone. I missed out on buying this amazing photograph while we were back east by one simple day… so now I’m on the site like a hawk looking for the next gem. And trust me, I will find it!