miss L’s first “real” race


After I signed up for the Wine & Dine Half Marathon, I received an email a month or so later saying that there were still spots open in the Kid’s Races. I had remembered a bit about them from the Tinker Bell Half in January, but they had been before we arrived, so it wasn’t even a possibility. But the amount of fun she had at the Color Run this summer made me think twice about her participating in this event! This time around, her race was at 10:00am at the Wide World of Sports complex on the day of the half marathon and about 18 hours after we’d arrive in Florida… so for $10, we signed her up for the fun.


Little did we know that we have a serious runner on our hands!


Her race, the 100 m dash, was limited to kids age 1-3. So naturally, all the parents were standing there with their kids. Except for L. She wanted me to go to the side of the track because she was ready all by herself!


All I had to do was tell her to wait until they said “3…2…1…GO!” and she waited patiently for the start of her heat.


At the end, she maneuvered her way towards the medals and the fueling station all on her own, and boy was she proud of that medal!


In fact, we went back to the room afterwards and she instinctively undressed and insisted on changing into her race t-shirt… because it said FINISHER on it!

Best $10 spent at Disney World ever!!!