5 reasons to love summer TV

Mid-July often leaves one yearning for September television… with new shows and old ones returning for guaranteed entertainment on the DVR. Yet I have to admit that I really like summer TV right now… and it’s something I actually look forward to enjoying once the temperature has dipped below 80 at 10pm at night. Now I’m ready for some people to scream, “Nothing beats Grey’s & American Idol!” so I’ve prepared my case in the 5 reasons below:


There is really nothing more mindless and wonderful to watch than this when you want to escape at the end of the day. People crashing and bouncing off of big balls, spinning devices knocking people flat on their backs into the water, and just general silliness when they put in an obstacle that makes the contestants verbally question the motives of the producers. I giggle for the whole hour, knowing mainly that I wouldn’t be able to do the Wipeout Zone in less than 20 minutes and that these crazy people are really putting themselves through this voluntary torture. Truly refreshing game show TV at its best. [BTW… there are now 20+ international versions that premiered this year…awesome]

2) Leverage — TNT

Continuing the trend of fun TV… Leverage wins out as one of the best shows out there during any season. It’s Mission Impossible/A-Team with better technology and characters and many more laughs. I <3 witty shows like this one… especially with great actors.

3) [if we still had HBO] Entourage

I know that very few people outside of Los Angeles watch this show, mainly because the inside jokes are insanely angeleno in nature and I’m not sure they translate well for the rest of the world (any show that mocks the valley is all right with me – 310 baby!). But season after season, the gang & Ari never get old, and it’s a buddy show that always seems to work perfectly.

4) Big Brother — CBS

If there’s nothing else on TV, you can watch people trapped in a house eating all day and plotting over silly stuff. And that’s the best thing about it. It’s on ALL-THE-TIME! Turn it on, tune out, watch pretty much nothing happen but pass the time away.


Watching a normal HGTV show gets you ideas for 1 room… but this competition multiplies the creativity you get to see every week. I’m seriously dying to see this season too, since my favorite designer of all time (I <3 you Candice Olson) is a judge along with Genevieve “Feathers” Gorder (come on, you have to have seen that Trading Spaces where she hot glued feathers to the wall!!!) and Vern Yip. It’s a fun reality show to discuss… especially since it’s based on work and not personality… and they do a good job mixing up the challenges to make each week fun!

So what’s your favorite summer TV indulgence??


  • Stacey

    OMG … I love Design Star! Am addicted to David B as a result… and Candice Olsen is hands down my fave HGTV designer, I had no idea she was joining the cast. Thanks for the update ; )

  • Michelle

    I do love Wipeout even though I feel like they are making it near impossible to complete the course in a timely manner. Watching people fall time after time just gets old. I still watch it though…mainly for the big balls and the hurdles.

    I watched Entourage once…and thought it was stupid. Sorry!

    Big Brother makes me feel punchy although I did watch 1 season all the way through years back.

    I am running out of summer tv patience. I need fall to be here already. I watch So You Think You Can Dance last night and was bored. But I know some people find American Idol boring and that shocks me!!