are you hot or cold in the morning?

photo.jpg by you.

Near our house, there is a shopping center that contains 2 Starbucks, Jamba Juice and a market with an active coffee/smoothie bar. Every morning all 4 of these spots are crowded with an off-to-work crowd of bustling people in search of their wake-up call. For me, I can’t seem to drink anything but cold items (like Jamba) throughout the summer, but will opt for a hot chai all winter long. But I seem like the odd man out with my seasonal affectations.

Today’s craving (even though it was only 62 degrees outside) : Jamba Juice. I would have gone for an iced chai as well… but I get so much more from that 24 oz. icey goodness for the same price.

What’s your morning refresher? Hot/Cold/Varies with the season or internal temperature of your daytime location?


  • Michelle

    I often have an internal battle while at Starbucks in the morning. On hot mornings, I am tempted to get a cold drink. But my office is freezing cold so a cold drink will only make me shiver so I usually opt for a hot drink and turn the air on a bit in the car so I don’t overheat from the inside out.

    I am always surprised to find people drinking hot coffee on a 100+ degree day. I don’t know how people do it!

  • sp

    during the winter, i fell in love with espresso truffles at Starbucks (think hot chocolate w/ espresso).
    with the heat this summer, it’s all about iced coffees for me. my fiance, on the other hand, manages to drink hot coffee while complaining how hot the weather is.

  • StefK

    When it’s going to be a high over 85 during the day, regardless of how cool it might be in the morning, I must have a cold beverage. Now, in the winter time — I’m all about a nice hot latte. I tend to get Jamba for lunch more often than breakfast, but if I were to hit up Starbucks this morning, I’d be ordering and an ICED beverage…no doubt.