update on the bunny household

We’ve officially been a “house rabbit” family for five months now, and I’m pretty certain our little Basse has become an extremely well adjusted bunny. When he’s not chilling on the third floor of his bunny condo, he’s out romping around upstairs or squishing himself into the cool black leather chair in the loft (as seen above). He really wants to be around people at all times, so if we disappear into the office, he’ll hop down the hall and nudge at the door to try and get in to see us. He has gotten in a few times… but his sharp little teeth ate through a couple of wires, so his office privileges have been revoked.

Yes… this little bunny, while cute, can be quite the adventurous soul. He naps behind the couches, seeks out cookies at dessert time (trust me, we haven’t given him any, but I swear the smell of chocolate drives him wild!), and flops on his side out of sheer happiness each and every night. But there is one thing that makes him quite destructive.

Enter Exhibit A:

My prized magazine collection… bitten to bunny pieces below the coffee table. It’s almost as if he doesn’t have plenty of food in his cage nor treats to keep him occupied.

Exhibit B: Guilty as charged!

But luckily for his inane cuteness, he’s become a staple in the household. Plus… he’s cuddly and softer than any sort of Gund creature… :)