baby buying spree: the stroller


And then there was the stroller…

We pushed and prodded and researched and asked… then shopped some more and more. And everytime we touched this thing at the store, some experienced mom with #2 on the way would inevitably stop by and say, “OMG. You’ll LOVE this stroller!” and rave about it endlessly. Baby Bargains liked it, random store people liked it (shoppers and employees alike), and endless reviews on the web said that people were always satisfied with the purchase. We were contemplating the Mutsy 4-Rider as well, but the lack of storage space kept coming up as an issue. And that’s how we came to the conclusion that the UppaBaby VISTA was the stroller for us. (I can’t omit that there were a few randomly induced panic attacks in the store as well… I tell you this decision stuff is rough!)
We almost pulled the trigger and grabbed it when the 2009 models went on clearance, but that’s sadly when we heard about the bells & whistles of the 2010 models (taller seat, better brake, new upright position, bassinet sunshade, etc.) and put off the order until the new year arrived. But now it’s been ordered (thanks mom & dad L!) and should be arriving in time to splash through puddles on walks through El Nino rainy days.
Is there anything left on that “big, giant purchase list” anymore??? I’m thinking we’re down to the nitty gritty right about now… did I tell you we’re making our first “Costco baby supply” run this weekend? Thrilling!
And yes… we bought it in ORANGE. I would have gone for the yellow myself… but since it’s the “limited edition” color this year, I figured the extra $30 was really not worth it. Plus I’d be a crazy mom that would pull a yellow stroller out of her yellow car… and that’s a bit too much, even for me!


  • virginia

    Yay, you got it! I totally know how exciting it can be to bite the bullet and buy the stroller, lol! I’m still sort of wishing I was a teensy bit taller so I could have gotten one too, but alas! I’m glad you guys did. Love the orange color and can’t wait to see pics of the little one in it Kim!

  • Kasia Fink

    It looks awesome! Nothing intimidates me as much as the thought of having to decide on a stroller. Yikes! I’m putting it off for as long as humanly possible. :)

  • TwoWishes Tara

    Making a Costco supply run?!? That must mean you’re getting CLOSE! Good luck to all of you, in your last weeks!

    (And P.S. We’ve used Costco diapers and wipes almost exclusively, and we love them. Really good quality for the price.)

  • Tiffany

    Grats on getting the stroller. I was so relieved once we got that out of the way. Have fun on the costco shopping spree. I would love to hear what you guys get! I would also give anything to go to Costco or the store to shop!!!! Enjoy it! Can’t wait to hear about it!!!!