BoBs (Best of the Blogs): May 1- 7, 2010

It’s time for the Best of the Blogs this week!

Every Friday, I’ll run this post which will ask readers to submit their favorite blog entry of the week from ANYWHERE in the blogosphere! It could be an awesome recipe, a pretty picture, a great story, a silly joke, etc… just something you loved this week and want to share with others!
Here’s how to participate:
1) Click on the link below that looks like this:
2) Enter the information for the link and click on “next step”

3) Select a thumbnail photo that best suits the link from the options given
4) keep coming back and seeing more and more links that have been added… keeping the blog hopping going throughout your day/weekend!

One Comment

  • EP

    Ok, I just made those banana goodness muffins; they looked so good, and I had ripe nanas and toffee laying around.