it must be all those children’s books I’m reading…

Beach Birds
I’m pretty certain I’ve fallen head over heels for Charley Harper once again. I’m sure many of you did when Todd Oldham’s Charley Harper: An Illustrated Life was all the rage on coffee tables across the country in 2007. But I think it’s all of those Eric Carle books I’m reading to Lena that might have reignited my love for simple shapes in pretty art.
Triggerfish Trio
puffins passing
Water Turkey
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  • Lourdes

    I had the Charley Harper ABC and 123 chunky books on my wish list for Wes for what seems like forever, then thought I didn’t need any more ABC books and took them off, but this is making me rethink them!

  • Catherine

    We love Charlie Harper. Old Navy did some baby clothes a few years back with some of his images on them. We stocked up for our nephew. We also found a coloring book of his images from Paper Source we plan to give him for Christmas. :)