did you love Elizabeth and Jessica as much as I did?

My first step into Sweet Valley was through the Twins. I started reading the books only a couple years after the debuted, so I had a stash of them ready to devour when I got hooked. Once I had worked my way through each and every new book that came out, I took a short sidetrack into the Babysitter’s Club. I stayed long enough to get annoyed with certain characters and skip their chapters entirely, and then found my way back to Sweet Valley through their high school adventures. They were scandalous, salacious, and oh so fun to read… and I loved those characters to pieces. Before our annual summer camping vacation, I would check out 20 or so of these books to read… and would rarely make it through a week before finishing them all! I wanted to be Elizabeth so badly… but wouldn’t have minded being Jessica for a bit as well.



So with this little insight into my childhood, you can understand why I let out a squeal of delight when I found out the series was being resurrected as: SWEET VALLEY Confidential: Ten Years Later. And even better, yet, the first chapter is online and ready for you to download. I won’t lie… I already read it and I’m marking March 29, 2011 on my calendar. Sad, but oh so true. Especially since the writing is atrocious… but you want to get through it just to know what happens at the next turn.
Anyone else wants to revisit Sweet Valley?


  • Maggie

    Hahaha – really? I didn’t realize there was going to be more! I have a few of the Sweet Valley High books, but my favorites were the specials that they did – I recall various Christmas specials, field trips, etc. Did you ever read the ones that trace the family history (with various sets of twins thrown in and chance meetings between the two families over the years until Elizabeth and Jessica’s parents finally get together)? Ah, good times. My fiance makes fun of me when I pull them out occasionally, but sometimes you just need the throwback to when you were younger!

  • Maya

    I was *obsessed* with Sweet Valley High– I’m pretty sure I’ve read every book! I would check out stacks of the books from the library and live vicariously through their adventures. I wanted an identical twin sister so badly! Their lives were so much more exciting than mine. I will definitely be checking out Sweet Valley Confidential!

  • Janet

    So funny – just downloaded this last nigh! And totally ordered the magna editions that were like backstories of their genealogy. Remember those??

  • Amy Ramos

    OMG!! I am going to have to read the first chapter. Like you, I checked out 20 of them during my summer vacations. I loved them!

  • Laura @ so alaurable

    I loved them too — especially the magna editions that others have mentioned. I even gave the TV show a spin back when it was on several years ago. I so wanted a twin! I just may go read the first chapter now…

  • kate

    OH MY WORD. I was obsessed with Sweet Valley Twins! I heard they were going to be reprinting them and the Baby Sitters Club- I am on my way over to download the first chapter now! Thank you thank you!!

    PS I SO BADLY wanted to be Elizabeth too!

  • Morgan

    Thank you so much for posting this!!! I am marking this on my calendar too, I was in love with the Sweet Valley books for years….so excited about this!

  • HamiHarri

    Loved these novels! I marked the new one in my calender…hehe

    I have never heard of the magna ones though…hmmm…

    I always wanted to be Jessica, have a Jack and Jill bathroom, live in California and drive a Jeep!

  • Charmi

    i am SO excited! I was also obsessed with these books and used to check them out of the library by the bundles. Haha. I’m gonna have to read that chapter tonight.

  • abi

    haha….I read them too! They were my “junk” books – not at all great writing but fun to read. I don’t know if I will be checking out this new one or not – but fun memories!

  • Debbie's World of Books

    I absolutely loved the series and the Sweet Valley Twins series. I never really got into the University books though. I cannot wait for this book and tomorrow I’ll be posting a giveaway for a set of Team Elizabeth/Team Jessica t-shirts that the publicists are providing to promote SV Confidential.