the season starts with hard knocks


The 2010 NFL football season may have officially started last Sunday with that abysmal pre-season game, but things didn’t really feel “real” until Hard Knocks premiered last night. I gave Mr. M an early b-day present and subscribed to HBO for a few months just so we could watch it. We got addicted to the series back in 2007 when they threw viewers into the locker rooms of the Kansas City Chiefs. Now, I hadn’t really cared about that team since Joe retired, but suddenly I was a rag-tag fan. You knew the team from an angle that was a bit sharper than ESPN’s player profile, and you suddenly were emerged into their football family. And you had yet another team to cheer for on Sunday.


I can tell you this is an amazing REALity show because it made me a Cowboys fan for a season. Yes. A die-hard 49ers fan was cheering on the Cowboys. This show is that darn good.
And this year? Well… they’re profiling the Jets… aka. Mr. M’s team. Before last season, he was the lone fan in universe who would excitedly choose to play with them on Madden 10 while the XBox Live community would laugh at him. I think they fed him some Jets fan juice at the NJ hospital where he was born, because his long time allegiance just doesn’t make sense otherwise. So this season, we’re not strangers to the players they’re profiling on the field. We know them. Mr. M has nicknames for all of them. And now we’re on summer vacation with them in Cortland, NY.
Basically, if you love football and you enjoy good reality tv/documentaries, then you’ll adore this series. My first tear fell yesterday while kids were getting cut… but I swear, if this show gets me to like Mark Sanchez, then it deserves some sort of mind-control Emmy award.



  • Geek in Heels

    My husband and I used to LOVE watching this show! Sadly for us, we decided to cancel HBO to cut down on costs but you can be sure we’ll be downloading it as it becomes available!

  • Aubrey @ My Simple Everyday

    Oh my — how come I didn’t know the new season started?!?! My hubs and I watched last season with the Bengals and I was a total fan last year.

    So… you’re a niner fan? It’s OK, I still heart you. Ha. Jk. We are die-hard Raider fans and I sure hope we finally have a winning season this year.

  • Terri (Swan)

    SO sad that Hard Knocks is on HBO, which we don’t have! AS a NYer, who is a Giants fan, I am intrigued by the Jets this season. We could use another title around here. :)

  • Amanda

    I love that show! I started watching it during the KC Chiefs season which was perfect since I’m from KC. I love me some Chiefs football (even if they have sucked it up in past years)! I live 5 minutes from the stadium.

    Have fun watching Mr. M’s team!