discuss: are cupcakes over?

A co-worker was talking to me today about how cupcakes were the latest fad and trend.
I actually told her I thought cupcakes were long “over” and done. But I thought my view might be jaded, since I’d been a “first month” Sprinkles customer, so maybe I’ve just been around since the beginning?
What do you think?
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  • talda

    i think as a whole, gourmet cupcakes are on the way to being just relevant and not THE BIG DEAL but cupcakes will always be THE BIG DEAL to me personally. le sigh. how perfect is portable cake?

  • Disgruntled Julie

    I think the craze of standing in line for an hour and paying $5 for a cupcake is long over, but I don’t think the fun of cupcakes from the home baker will ever die. There is something so much more fun and special about everyone getting their own cupcake versus having to cut a slice of a cake, so I don’t think the homemade cupcake will ever go out of fashion.

    Personally, I’m over macarons, cupcakes, and frozen yogurt… what do you think will come next?

  • EmilyB

    I personally still love cupcakes, but living near a Georgetown Cupcake location and seeing what the show “DC Cupcakes” has turned it into (200+ people standing in line for a $4 cupcake) makes me think that I’d rather just bake them myself. Any interesting flavor that they have I can easily find a recipe for online. I’ll treat myself every now and then, but for the most part I’ll let the crazy tourists enjoy the novelty.

  • Nani

    I agree with the previous commenters. I LOVE cupcakes so they shall never fade for me, but the gourmet cupcake era seems to be fading, it seems people are going with mini cakes and macaroons now (but I could be wrong)

  • StefK

    I’ve never been one to go out to get, stand in line for, or pay ridiculous amounts of money for a cupcake…BUT, I looooooooove to make cute cupcakes at home. So I’m torn. I did get excited to hear that a new cupcakery opened up near our house though. I might never go…OR, I’ll go once and never go back…but the idea of cupcakes and cupcakeries are still adorable to me, even if I don’t really frequently indulge.

  • ep

    As someone with 2 young kids, cupcakes will never go out of style. Gourmet cupcake? If people are still paying for them, and stores are still open, then I would say they are still in style.

  • Katie

    I love Cupcakes because they just tiny cakes – bite sized little desserts. I love to bake them for events or work because you can control portions, and they come out more perfect and moist; can’t argue with that.

    However, the gourmet cupcake trend is odd to me. Paying tons of money- whole store devoted JUST to cupcakes. That’s all insane; give me a box mix and a can of icing for the same price!

  • Rachel

    Cupcakes are still in, but baby bundt cakes are totally up and coming! The good ones are more moist and yummy than the cupcakes and they have less of the overwhelmingly rich frosting. So good!

  • Catherine

    I was just telling my husband I was amazed at how many cupcake places there are in Seattle. I like cupcakes but I think I’m over them. I kind of think gourmet ice cream is the next big thing — at least in Seattle.