1000 posts later

Dear readers…

This is my 1000th blog post on! Wow how time flies!  I started blogging my post-wedding/Weddingbee life here on August 8th, 2007… back when very few people followed blogs regularly let alone followed mine! You know, the good-old-days where you blogged for 2 comments instead of 20?

And what’s even scarier? This is my 3rd blog! My first blog lived over on LiveJournal in the post-college years from 2003-2006 and logged about 400 entries. It was simply titled, “The Exploits of a very boring person: a.k.a. kim’s rants, raves and couture stories.”  It basically contained vents and thoughts about my current teaching assignments (I taught 7th & 8th grade math/science) and silly stories from weekends living on Sunset Blvd.

Here are just a few silly excerpts I’ve snapped up:

3/7/03 10:56 pm  – Oh how the hours pass

“Life at Los Angeles Academy is all back to normal. Stinkbombs explode every time children fill the halls, which set off fire alarms and evacuate the buildings for the start and end of every class. Honestly, can someone let me know where you buy a stinkbomb? What is it? They’re disgusting and not good on the lungs…and that’s all I have to say about that!
My kids fought me the entire way today, just trying to get through bonding and all that jazz. I swear that I’m going to be a child advocate AGAINST SUGAR!!! Seriously, the Coca-Cola Company is contributing to the mental drain of children all around the world! It’s like nothing is more valuable or cool than having bright can of Coke in your hand. Sadly, there’s a good chance it will change to the other type of coke in a few years. It’s innocence at its silliest, yet when you have to try and organize the kids into learning patterns, it utterly fails. I think that physical excercise will soon be a part of every science class after lunch. God help the teacher who really tries to do good… I can hear the movie playing next door for the 999th day in a row… tenure is evil.”

1/11/04 02:19 am – summer in January

“While the rest of the nation lives in bitter cold, I am reveling in the beauty of a summer night in LA. Tonight, I put my window down, pumped my KIIS and drove back on Sunset Blvd to Brentwood in absolute bliss. It was a beautiful night in Hollywood last night, and in WeHo tonight. And Justin T’s new bar is pretty chill. Vote for Ms. July 2003 for Playmate of the Year on cause she gave us free drinks all night, and she really isn’t the best bartender in the world. Or the best dresser – so let her do what she does best and pose naked again.”

The second blog lived (and still lives) over at and was filled with what later made it on to under Mrs. Lemon.

And then I came here, and I’m so glad I did! While blogging is a wonderful outlet for me to share with you, it’s every single person who pops over here to read something that makes the experience so fulfilling. It keeps me a little less lonely day in and day out, and I’ve learned countless things from others and made so many wonderful friendships as well.

Simply put, thank you thank you thank you!  These 1000 posts wouldn’t have happened without you!