an adult version of letter days?

I was a “sorority girl” for 60% of my college life (insert a chorus of I love the crescent moon…shining in the sky here). You know, I lived in one of those pretty 11,000 sq ft. mansions with 48 other girls while calling an additional 60 more my sisters, sang silly songs and participated in “ancient” rituals.


And as a sorority member, I had many pieces of clothing emblazoned with our three Greek letters. You pretty much made a t-shirt for every event, and every event you participated in had a t-shirt, so you were never short of gym clothes when you needed them.

That said, we had specific “letter days” as well, which were days when you were asked to wear your house’s letters prominently.  I’m not sure if it was our campus PanHellenic council that determined the day (which meant all 11 houses were sharing the spirit on the same day), and I’m not even sure if I can remember if it was Tuesday or Wednesday at this point. The point was that on those days, you were reminded to take time to look your best when you wore your letters. You know, represent your sisters well and not with bedhead and flaky mascara?

Now I know some of you may have gone to colleges where dressing up was expected daily. But on our Southern CA campus, everyday was a flip-flop or UGGs kind of day. You may call it Malibu/surfer chic, but seriously, it was casual. And our house wasn’t as trendy or “formal” as others… so the reminder was one we took to heart.

Now as an adult, I work in a semi-formal campus setting and those “letter days” come when there are meetings at work. Or a dinner date after work. So they’re not consistent or routine, but just come when I sort of feel like it.

When I was getting dressed today, and partially sick with another awesome kiddie cold, I wanted to throw on a sweatshirt and call it a day. But, I actually managed to pull out some of the hipper pieces of my wardrobe, put on my makeup, and went off to work a bit more polished than I intended. And while doing it, I thought about those encouraged spruce up days. I guess it falls along the lines of loving date nights or adult parties where you have an excuse to peruse the dress section of your closet and break out the heels.

Anyone else yearn for the excuse to make sure you’re looking your best? A random day of the week where you pledge to make sure you look your best? If Mr. M were guessing… he’d probably suggest I pick every Tuesday… cause it seems to be my new holiday…


  • Michelle

    I wasn’t in a sorority but at CSULB, it was Tuesday’s that all the Greek folks wore their letters. I have a permanent picture of the Tri Delt girls with their too tight/too short shirts walking around campus. I wish I could get it out of my head all these years later but I can’t.

    I went shopping for new clothes this weekend and I’m more dressed up than usual today and it feels good!! I might actually look my age today. :)

  • Rachel

    Wow seeing that house in my blog feed really brought me back :). I totally know what you’re saying…I worked in a really informal atmosphere for a couple of years before I switched jobs, and I actually really like having to be business casual every day.

    Although, I’m not going to lie, the “dressing up and going out” that I did in college is no longer as appealing…unless I’m in Vegas :).

  • Karen @sugarspicelivin

    Ha. We were supposed to dress nice on Mondays in our Greek System. Ironically, we have Staff Meetings every Monday, so I dress my best on Mondays and it goes down hill from there. Unless I have a big meeting during the week.

  • Carolyn C.

    Hm. I went to UC Santa Cruz so any day I managed to wear a matching outfit or clean clothes was a win in my book ;)

  • Kimberly

    I wasn’t in a sorority, but now I certainly dress up a certain day a week. I don’t have a specific day but I do dress up nice for work at least 2 days a week. I love to dress up and wear fabulous necklaces and heels. :)