nba = perfect baby entertainment

I used to be one of those people that wondered why parents would bring little children certain places. Then, I had a little child and I realized how certain activities are enhanced by their presence. You, know, like trips to Walt Disney World even before they turn 1. Or trips to the aquarium at 6 months old. Or NBA games.


It’s all about the sub-2 rule. Kids under 2 are pretty much always free to accompany you on outings wherever you may be headed. On a plane. To a concert in the park. Into the Happiest Place on Earth. And as long as you go to these places with the understanding that you might have to leave if things get hectic, then all is well.

On Monday night, I had 2 tickets to the Kings vs. Thunder game here in town. Mr. M was stuck on a trip to the desert, so my friend CM came along with Miss L and I as a beer buddy and baby entertainer. We thought we’d make it to half-time and probably head home. But that was so not the case… because NBA games turned out to be Miss L’s drug of choice that night.

Fun music playing all game long. People cheering and clapping. Other people dancing and doing silly things during time-outs. And people eating all around her. This was like the best party that she’d ever been invited to! She was seriously rocking out and bouncing off the walls despite her intake of boring mom-packed non-sugary snacks of edamame and pita/hummus. Baby crack.

She lasted from 6:30-9:45… and collapsed in the car seat afterwards. And then slept through the night without the tiniest little peep. I think she definitely got everything out of the experience that one could hope for!

It’s too bad our team is most likely leaving town… because I’m sure she’d enjoy a game even more as the years wore on. Guess we’ll have to get her into baseball – especially since the outfield seating is one big giant grassy knoll to run and play on!


  • HamiHarri

    Clara is still pretty portable (we just survived a stars and strollers movie – with a mobile baby, this is no small feet!).

    I remember going out for my SIL birthday dinner to a fancy restaurant when I was preggo with Clara. It was pretty late. It must have been around 9pm, and this adorable little girl (maybe 4 years old) sat down at the table next to us in an adorable little dress to have dinner with her parents. She was a little delight for the entire evening. I remember hoping that we could do the very same thing with our daughter one day. And so far we’ve been able to :)

    There is still one place where I put mu judge-y pants back on though. It is Las Vegas. Hubby feels differently then me, but I can’t see myself fully enjoying Vegas with an underager… There is still lots of time for me to change my mind on this though…