it’s better when you play together

Excuse me for the small amount of text that will appear in this blog post. My right hand is suffering from clicker-hand… which is very similar to Wii-bow but just simply comes from smashing too many buttons with too much passion on a game controller.

Last week I asked for advice on a new video game to jump into and play… and I got an answer from the other adult member in our household. Mr. M reminded me that we had purchased, “LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1 -4” last fall but never opened it up to play it. Looking back, this is a tragedy of epic proportions, as this game is lots of fun and full of all kinds of cuteness.

And the best part? It’s all co-op played! That means that instead of shooting people in endless rounds of online warfare, Mr. M can sit by my side and use “wingardium leviosa” to levitate students at Hogwarts. This is 10000x cuter than LEGO Star Wars… if that was possible, and is a nice way to jump back into HP-fever this summer!

Next up… LEGO Pirates of the Carribean?

Anyone else out there playing a co-op game with their significant other? Or maybe even a LEGO game?