the protein bar that is actually quite yummy: luna protein

Thank you to LUNA Protein for providing me a LUNA Protein sample pack to review. The opinions I’ve expressed here are solely my own and represent my honest viewpoint.


Back in my teaching days, I relied on a stockpile of snacks in my car and in my desk at school to keep me going from 6am to 5:30pm day in and day out. I rarely got to escape to eat lunch, and almost always forgot to pack one, so those snacks became the energy I relied upon every few hours without fail. And let me tell you… I ate my weight in LUNA LemonZest bars that I purchased in bulk from Costco. I’m pretty certain I went through a phase where I ate at least two a day, but it kept me from crashing or getting cranky and giving 110% to everything I had on my plate at the time.

Then, when I became a super boring and totally lazy graduate student (no really – grad school was a vacation compared to the previous 3 years) with a super nice student apartment kitchen, I had a bit more time, and less of a caloric-stress need to snack constantly and keep going from dawn to dusk. And away went my love of energy bars.

But then came pregnancy. And that whole phase where you need to eat something in the second you are hungry or else you might rip someone’s heart out? Well, mine was all about protein and I had to have peanut butter at the ready or else I would literally run my belly down the bike path to the student union’s Taco Bell for beans. I quickly learned again how instant protein can be a body’s best friend in times of need… and I’ve been noshing on the protein bars ever since.

I’m not sure if this happens to all working moms, but my sense of time has gotten completely out of whack when I’ve in the middle of doing something. That usually means I skip or delay meals… and usually work right through them in favor of a deadline. I mean, at home, if something needs to get done with Miss L, then that’s the priority and it gets done despite my hunger or other needs. So I think I just seem to carry that through everything now, to the despair of my tummy. So having protein bars on hand at work seems to be the easiest way to quell my insanity… and the raging cravings that I’m having!

So when I happened upon a chance to try out these (thanks Clever Girls Collective!) new protein bars from Luna, I was all over it!

Chocolate Peanut ButterChocolateChocolate Cherry AlmondMint Chocolate ChipCookie Dough

I tried out all of the flavors (Chocolate Peanut Butter, Chocolate, Chocolate Cherry Almond, Mint Chocolate Chip, and Cookie Dough), and let me just tell you that these are by far the best tasting protein bars I’ve had. Really. Especially if you’re used to chowing down on PowerBars or something else that’s ooey and gooey in a bar form… you’ll adore these!

Out of all the flavors, I really liked the Mint Chocolate Chip and Cookie Dough bars the best, but I can see myself stowing a bunch of the Chocolate Peanut Butter ones in my desk as well! I go through handfuls of trail mix weekly, so I know that having these on hand will make my 5:00pm drive home a bit less crazy and perhaps I’ll be a bit nicer to Mr. M when I’m making dinner because I won’t be starving and going mad!

And just in case you wanted to see what all the fuss is about…


I’m giving away 5 LUNA Protein Prizes: each one includes a sample pack of LUNA Protein as well as a bonus treat from LUNA!

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To win: leave a comment about what your favorite satisfying desk/glovebox snack is… and you’re entered to win!

I’ll pick the 5 winners on September 2nd and they’ll be notified by email and posted on this blog entry!

Please click here to learn more about LUNA Protein. I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective. All opinions are my own. #cleverLUNA


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  • Buccinator

    I love almonds for getting in some protein STAT. I have an autoimmune disease and when it’s particularly active, my body seems to burn through the energy/food in no time, so I find myself needing extra snacks on some days.

    I’ve never tried the LUNA bars but I’ve definitely eyed them several times at the store!

  • Palila

    I’m in the “Need to eat NOW!” part of pregnancy, so I’ve been keeping whatever gluten free bar is on sale at the moment at my desk. Might be a Larabar, Kind bar, weird German bar that I find in the grocery at home… But my favorite at-home, after work snack is carrots and peanut butter. (I haven’t had a Luna bar since needing to switch to a gluten free diet, but I’m excited to learn that the Luna protein bars are gf! I’m looking forward to finding and trying them out.)

  • Sugar Scientist

    I’m always looking for great ways to sneak in extra protein since I don’t eat meat, so I’d love to try these. I always hard boil 15 eggs the beginning of each week, and pack three with me each day. I only eat the whites and discard the yolk (wasteful, but I dislike the taste, texture, and cholesterol in the yolks) and whenever I need a little pick-me-up, I crack open an egg.

  • Jess G

    I usually make a giant tupperware container of gorp/trail mix at the beginning of the week to keep me going. Although my husband seems to pick out the pretzels, almods, and cranberries, so I’m usually left with peanuts and raisins, oops!

  • Maya

    Yum, these sound great! I love to have bars like these around for an energy boost before I work out. I love Kind Bars — the apple cinnamon flavor is tasty!

  • Megan

    I actually love having these new Luna bars in my drawer. I got a bunch during an event this spring and lived on them for a few weeks. Would love some more.

  • Katie

    I love these! I bought a box of the chocolate peanut butter ones and they were so good. Not only were they great for throwing in my purse, but they really killed my sweets cravings. I’d keep them in the fridge and break off a piece when I wanted something sweet. They taste just like a candy bar except way more filling. And they’ve actually got slightly less sugar than regular luna bars.

    I pretty much always have a luna bar (lemon zest or iced oatmeal raisin) on hand. And the apple pie flavor of Extra Dessert Delights. When I’m driving home and thinking about stopping for frozen yogurt I chew on the gum instead.

  • Nichole

    I keep Original flavored (now called Saltine) Goldfish crackers in my desk drawer. A handful of those satisfy my salt cravings and keep me going. I’d love to try the Luna bars – I’m always nervous about buying protein bars because I’ve been burnt in the past.

  • JenG

    I’m diabetic so I always carry a small baggie of mixed nuts heavy on almonds and dried cranberries and granola bars. My go to snacks when I’m out and need a boost before a meal. I’ve seen Luna bars but haven’t tried them yet!

  • Lindsey

    If I’m home, I like to have a piece of peanut butter toast…otherwise, on the go I usually grab some kind of a bar, often a Kashi bar. I think my mom keeps Luna bars on hand a her house; I’ve tried them a couple of times and enjoyed them, so I’d love to try these!

  • Jen

    These sound really good! I would love to try them. I am into almonds and popcorn for snacks, but sometimes I forget to snack and end up starving at meals. I would love a great, healthy bar. Plus, extra protein never hurts!

  • aubreylaine

    I would have to agree with Jane- Luna’s Lemon Zest bars are great!!! :)
    littlegray88 at yahoo dot com

  • Amber

    I’m pregnant now… and the PB& Choc Luna bars are my saviors! I’ve vegetarian and have worried about getting enough protein. These suckers pack 12 grams in a small package. Love them!

  • Heidi

    Almonds – or almonds and dark chocolate – but almonds do that satisfaction trick, they are clean and last a long time in the desk (not that they usually have to). But now you have me wanting some peanut butter chocolatey goodness…