two quick tweets: & pinterest

Here are two quick tweets from yesterday… with some pretty cool information that I figured I should share on the blog as well!



Really… FAB is truly fabulous if you enjoy quirky/fun design stuff. Today, they’ve got fun stuff from Fred & Friends, last week they featured those awesome girl-power posters I talked about last year, and who knows what’s around the corner! It may not be insanely practical, but it’s lots and lots of fun!

If you’d like to join (it’s a members-only daily sample sale), just click here for your invite!

2) Pinterest – who pinned what of yours?


This has been a pet peeve of the system since it began… tracking down who has pinned what of yours! But now… problem solved!

Just put the following string into your browser and you’ll find out:


Fill in the with your website, blog site, or anyone’s site and see all the pins that pop up! (be sure to leave off the www if you have it!)

[p.s. if you still need an invite to Pinterest, just leave a note here and make sure you fill in your email, and I’ll send one your way!]