the first Sunday of fall…

You might still think it’s summer, but the picture below is evidence that fall is officially here…

This is the den upstairs in our house. And yes… those are three TVs all tuned to NFL football thanks to the glorious invention that is NFL Sunday Ticket. (well… it’s glorious when it actually works… as it was severely malfunctioning for the first half of the morning games this weekend)

You might think that this leads to incredibly lazy Sundays of sports absorption, but let me just tell you how difficult it is to watch 3 games (or more) at once and track your two fantasy teams at the same time, let alone carry on a conversation with one of the many guests hopping in and out of the house on a Sunday. Even if you’re not a football fan, the pure spectacle of so much action on three screens will captivate your brain… or at least that’s what seems to happen with the “non-fans” that come over and stay for hours on end.

The only thing missing from the den is a kegerator, and we’d truly have a sports bar upstairs in second living room…. but we get enough beer stock from all of the guests, so it’s not really any sort of necessity. (I kid, I kid… but I really did have severe kegerator envy every time I saw one in a beach house on the Strand…)

Now I just need to plan out some crowd-pleasing breakfasts, assign snack duty to friends, and we’ll be ready for each Sunday that comes at us from here til January!

Anyone else enjoy their comfy Sunday spot on the couch (or bar stool) yesterday?


  • Laura

    Oh, how glorious. I think my (& John’s) head might explode if we ever get to come experience the den. Let us know if we can! We’ll bring snacks and a kegarator :)

  • tracey

    ahh the days we had NFL ST and like 3 THREE tvs going so we wouldn’t miss anything too *sigh* .. that and having my laptop now the ipad w/in reach so we too can keep up on fantasy teams. we took FULL advantage of the freebie weekend for NFL ST … rosie went down for her nap to the sound of the seahawks-niners game =) and the last thing i did before entering church sunday morning – LAST minute tinkering w/ my fantasy team ;)

    ahh bring on fall !!

  • Lauren

    That would probably be my husband’s dream set up! It would make my college football Saturdays much easier then all of the channel flipping we do now.

  • Cindy

    How did you split the signal three ways? So jealous. We can’t get Sunday Ticket in our apartment (this depresses us greatly, sports is so much better on DirecTV) and we keep wishing the NFL would just surrender and let us pay to watch a stream online. WE WILL PAY, NFL, YOU HEAR THAT?!