doing the same things… but sometimes with new things thrown in

Most days, we go through similar routines. We opt for familiarity, but then try to throw something new in the mix to make that day unique and memorable. Like a new spot for brunch on Sunday. Or perhaps taking a different way home so we happen upon new discoveries.

Last Sunday was fairly typical in the repertoire of weekends. We went to the zoo.

2011 - October - Zoo & Funderland

We saw the the flamingos…

2011 - October - Zoo & Funderland

… and our good buddy the tortoise (or rather “TURRTLE!” to Miss L).

2011 - October - Zoo & Funderland

And Miss L gave daddy the sad doe eyes when we asked, “Up Up Up!” and so he obviously obliged.

After visiting all of our favorite friends (RIP dear Ginger), it was such a pretty day that we went across the street to Funderland to see if Miss L would be interested in any of the rides they had to offer.

We tried out the car buggy ride with Grandma L…

2011 - October - Zoo & Funderland

2011 - October - Zoo & Funderland

… and it was a huge hit! So much so… that she ran from the ride yelling, “Octa!” and signing ‘octopus’ and away from us to the center of the park. We thought she was a little too excited, but then when we turned, we saw what she had seen: the octopus ride.

So we bought a ticket, and I helped buckle her inside.

2011 - October - Zoo & Funderland

And even though she was a little younger than the other kids riding it, we thought it might work out ok!

2011 - October - Zoo & Funderland

See?  All smiiles! Until…

2011 - October - Zoo & Funderland

… oops. The shouts of “ALL DONE!! ALL DONE” echoed through the park, and while the crying stopped immediately with the end of the ride, I’m not sure she has quite forgiven her beloved octopus.

Thank goodness for the familiarity of freshly fallen leaves to stomp in the park!


Mostly the regular routine of the day… and then a few welcome (or unwelcome) surprises thrown in. That’s how we do a weekend. What about you?



  • Amber

    Gorgeous as always (and I LOVE your hair!). I really wish L and P could meet, I bet they’d be buddies. :) We tend to do a lot of the same things, but mostly errands, the same parks, the same people. We mix it up with various outings she’d enjoy. :)